Annais Rittenberg examining flowers during NHFQ 2013

Scholarships for multiple participants are available to fully or partially waive the NHFQ course fee. Awards vary each year depending on available funds, number of qualified applicants, and/or demonstrated need. Once accepted into the current year's course, students will have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. 

NHFQ's student scholarship fund was created in memory and celebration of Annais Rittenberg, an NHFQ student who died in a tragic accident during the summer of 2013.  Like many other NHFQ participants, Annais had a clear passion for natural history, outdoor education, and environmental justice. Through her classes and internships, she excelled as a writer, artist, teacher, naturalist, activist, and leader.  She continues to be deeply loved by a huge community of family and friends for her goofy light-hearted spirit and her deep commitment to serving others.

Through a remarkable effort involving Annais’s family, friends, and many NHFQ alumni, an endowed scholarship was created in 2014 to celebrate Annais and help future NHFQ students. 

Additional contributions since 2013 have increased the number of scholarships given each year.  Click here to contribute to the NHFQ scholarship fund