About Field Quarter

Started by Ken Norris in 1973, Natural History Field Quarter is a 15-unit Environmental Studies class taught each spring quarter. While camping at UC's Natural Reserves, the class focuses on California natural history and land management. Graduates gain career skills relevant to field ecology, education, science illustration, writing, and environmental policy & management. Applications are required and scholarships are available. The class is open to ALL majors. 

Spring 2021 Class

Applications for this year's course will be due in the Fall Quarter by Wednesday October 28th at midnight. Students accepted into the course may then apply for a scholarship. For more information, peruse this site, contact Chris Lay at (831) 459-4763 or email at cml@ucsc.edu. and come to our informational zoom meeting on Monday October 19 from 7-8:30pm. The passcode for the meeting is 790875

In The Field

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Hear from Field Quarter alumni who attended the 2012 alumni reunion and get a glimpse of the 2013 Field Quarter class. Watch»

Ken Norris

Norris Center logoLearn more about Ken Norris by visiting the Ken Norris Center for Natural History on Science Hill in Natural Sciences 2 Room 239.

Alumni Quotes

"NHFQ taught me how to observe, ask questions, gather evidence, and learn from that which I was bent on protecting and conserving. It placed me as interacting organism within the world, and completely dismantled my top-down perspective."